About The Buddy Project

The Buddy Project is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Frederick, MD. The organization was started in 2007 by Eric D. Zimmerman who sought to create a nonprofit organization that would accommodate the specific learning and social needs of the disabled population by using computers. Eric D. Zimmerman is only twenty-two years old and like our clients, Eric also has a form of autism. Mr. Zimmerman is extremely dedicated and passionate about the cause of The Buddy Project.

The Buddy Project is the only nonprofit technology organization for the disabled in Maryland, and has already served more than 130 individuals since its founding. The Buddy Project provides refurbished computers to those who are intellectually and developmentally disabled. These computers are not to be used as a family computer and are set up specifically for people with disabilities. The Buddy Project is an increasingly vital part of the disabled community and plans to be an important advocate and educational resource to the general public about disabled individuals. In fact, this is a dire need in the disabled community due to the misconception that disabled people cannot learn to use technology.

Once the client receives the refurbished computer, there is a training curriculum that is covered with each and every client to help them better understand their computer and how they work. We work with the client for as long as he or she is apart of The Buddy Project. Eventually the client will be assigned a Program Manager that will work with him/her on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Furthermore, all computers are maintained by The Buddy Project and are switched out about every two years in order to allow the client the best technology experience possible

If you are interested in joining The Buddy Project's growing community, visit the apply page for more information on becoming a member!

You may contact Eric Zimmerman, the Founder and Chairman of The Buddy Project at EricZimmerman@TheBuddyProject.net if you have any questions or comments.

The Buddy Project is located at 2107 Chestnut Lane Frederick, MD 21702.

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